Want Your Kidneys Healthy, Multiply Eating These 5 Types of Fruits

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There are two kidneys in the human body. But that does not mean that you can careless in keeping it because if one kidney is sick, that means you have a big risk of health decline. The habit of drinking that contains artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and soda is a factor that triggers damage to your kidneys.

To maintain kidney health, you need to avoid consumption of those drinks, multiply drinking water and multiply eating the following fruit types as reported by Thehealthsite page =

  1. Grapes.
    Grapes are rich in substances called resveratrol which have anti-inflammatory benefits. The substance is in the skin, so do not peel the skin of grapes. In addition, grape seeds are also rich in antioxidants that make you healthier again. So get used to chewing the grape seeds with the fruit. Advice from the National Kidney Foundation, 15 grapes a day is a delicious way to make a healthy kidney.
  2. Apple.
    This fruit has nutrients, antioxidants, low potassium, and anti-inflammatory compounds. There is also a pectin content that is beneficial to your kidney vitality.
  3. Lemon.
    Lemon juice you can consume together with warm water, which helps the detoxification process of toxins in the body and throw it through the kidneys. Various substances in this fruit are also proven to support the health of your kidney organs that have worked hard.
  4. Cranberry.
    Although slightly acidic, cranberries are low in potassium and have high antioxidants that are well known for maintaining healthy kidneys. This fruit also helps remove excess uric acid stored in the body.
  5. Watermelon.
    High water content in watermelon is good for the process of hydrating the body and clean the poison in our kidneys.

Do not hesitate to consume watermelon and various fruits above for a healthier kidney.


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