Eating Ice Cream in the Morning Makes Mental Healthier

eating ice cream morning mental healthier

Generally, ice cream is eaten during the day or as a dessert. People rarely eating ice cream in the morning. One myth, eating ice cream in the morning can make stomach pain or heartburn. Well, contrary to that, there is research that found if eating ice cream in the morning can make the brain healthier.

The study, conducted by Yoshihiko Koga, a psychophysiology professor from Kyorin University, Tokyo, said that ice cream consumed in the morning can make the brain more fresh. From this condition, the level of one’s vigilance increases. In addition, the person is also more protected from brain damage.

In his study, Koga involves a group that is asked to eat ice cream once they get up early. The portion consumed is three spoonfuls. Miraculously, after the ice cream goes into the stomach, it was found that their brains showed alpha waves with a high enough frequency.

On the other hand, Koga also tests other groups who consume other cold foods in the morning like cold water. In this group there is no amazing effect like the ice cream-eating group. From these results, Koga concludes if the mental health improvement results of the two groups are not triggered by the cold factor alone.

Quoted by the Republika page from Rocketnews24, Koga tries to find a link between ice cream with the good effects it has on the mental. He said that something that can please someone can make the brain work better. The same thing will also be experienced by people who do their favorite activities in the morning.


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