4 Adverse Effects If Tartar is Left to Accumulate

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adverse effects of tartar

Tartar should not be underestimated because there are harmful effects due to the accumulation of dirt in the mouth. In addition to making your teeth look not clean and yellow when smiling, tartar also triggers the appearance of bad breath.

Tartar that accumulates caused by the leftover food in between teeth left in a long time and not cleaned. Over time, the leftover food is hardened and difficult to clean with a toothbrush.

Here are the bad effects of tartar that may affect your health =

  1. Trigger bad breath.
    Bad smell or bad breath occurs due to the decay of leftover food in between teeth. The more days the pile of leftovers would be a comfortable home for bacteria. The result is bad breath will you experience.
  2. Dental cavities.
    The presence of tartar also triggers cavities and porous teeth, due to the presence of acidic substances that damage the surface layer of teeth. These acidic substances released by the tartar that has accumulated.
  3. Gingivitis.
    Gums are easy to get infections if the condition of teeth and mouth dirty and full of bacteria. The impact, gums easily bleed, fester, gums down until show the roots of teeth.
  4. Periodontitis.
    If the gums go down, the soft tissues and bones that supporting the teeth are easily damaged. Teeth can be separated when the roots are fragile. Bacteria will be more rampant and can enter up to the bloodstream to trigger more serious diseases.

Therefore, do not forget to routinely brush your teeth, and clean the tartar that began to grow so as not to appear other problems that are more severe.


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