6 Infectious Diseases Due to Share a Comb with Others

infectious diseases share comb with others

The habit of sharing a comb with others sometimes do not realize it can transmit several diseases. At first glance looks trivial, but from the medical side is quite serious, because the microorganisms can indeed be transmitted through the use of personal items together.

Here are some types of diseases that can be transmitted through the use of combs that are used together, quoted from Boldsky page =

  1. Impetigo.
    Impetigo is a scalp disease that resembles a blister, yellow crust, which is contagious due to the migration of microorganisms in the scalp. Many occur in children as well as adults.
  2. Scabies.
    Scabies occurs because of a small mite that triggers an ectoparasitic skin infection. They live and lay their eggs on the skin, causing rashes, red spots, and itching.
  3. Warts.
    It turns out that warts disease can also be transmitted caused by human papillomavirus virus that spread due to share personal goods with others.
  4. Folliculitis.
    This disease occurs in the root of hair or scalp that has an infection because of the entry of microorganisms to the scalp. Itchy and sometimes followed by red spots.
  5. Dandruff.
    Dandruff is also contagious from others. The trigger is the microorganisms that cause dandruff.
  6. Fleas.
    This small insect is also very easily transmitted due to the habit of sharing a comb with others. Usually, flea eggs stick to the skin, then move to your hair.

If you do not want to experience the diseases above, it’s good from now on you do not share your comb with others.


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