3 Health Risks When Using Used Mineral Water Bottles

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health risks used mineral water bottles

Used mineral water bottles are widely reused for beverage containers, or just to place cold water stock in the refrigerator. At first glance looks okay, but the fact there are health risks that can occur from the habit. What are the risks?

Bacteria that breed.
Studies conducted by the University of Calgary show the development of bad bacteria in used bottles, especially those that have been dented or scratched. Research on unwashed mineral water bottles, there is a high bacterial content because the bottle is at room temperature every day. It allows the bacteria to live well and multiply.

Even on reusable bottles, imperfect washing can still leave bacteria, especially in the mouth of the bottle and bottle cap.

Chemical material release.
The habit of using warm water or even hot water to wash bottles, it can actually be dangerous. Plastic chemicals used by disposable mineral water bottles are very easy to remove and are not designed for hot temperatures. It can get into your body if you use it often.

Bacteria gather in the bottle cap.
The part where you drink and put your lips, it is the location where the bacteria gather. Bacterial ecosystems live and thrive there. Studies conducted by scientists at the used bottles that are used for a week without being washed, showing the presence of harmful bacteria in that part.

So it is advisable to immediately discard the bottle after you finish drinking, and don’t wear it again.


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