5 Hidden Dangers If You Are Lazy to Brush Your Teeth

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hidden dangers if lazy brush teeth

Brushing the teeth every day is sometimes hard to do, especially if you’re feeling lazy. But keep in mind that this bad habit must have a bad effect on oral health.

Believe it or not, there are at least 5 hidden dangers that can happen if you are lazy to brush your teeth. Here’s an explanation as reported by Good House Keeping page =

  1. Stress.
    When oral and dental hygiene is ignored, inflammation is very easy to occur. This is directly or not, will trigger stress. Especially if your social environment is also disturbed by the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth. It also makes stress.
  2. Diabetes.
    Diseases such as diabetes can arise if the bacterial conditions in your mouth are not controlled. Therefore, you should regularly brush your teeth, clean the teeth with dental floss, or gargle before bed. This is also good to clean the molecules that trigger blood sugar regulation problems.
  3. Cognitive problems.
    There are dental nerves that connected directly to the brain. No wonder if your teeth or gums are in trouble, then the risk of cognitive problems is very likely to occur. Moreover, Alzheimer’s can also occur if the habit lasts long.
  4. Osteoporosis.
    National Institutes of Health says that a clean teeth and tongue means bone health is also maintained. If not, then the growth of bacteria between the cheeks becomes uncontrollable. That’s the same as triggering decay in the connective tissue, the immune system decreases and certainly affects bone health.
  5. Heart disease.
    The growth of pathogenic bacteria that increases in the mouth can lead to accumulation of plaque in the arteries of blood vessels. These conditions over time will increase the risk of heart disease.

Dental and oral hygiene is important for health, so diligent brushing your teeth will also affect the overall health of the body.


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