This Happens to the Body If You Are Reluctant to Exercise

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happens to body reluctant exercise

Bodies that are rarely used for exercise tend to have a negative side. Common problems encountered are the body becomes unhealthy. From here then trigger many health problems that end can become a serious problem in the future.

“Today many people are lazy to move. The effect if we are often lazy to move, it does not just make your body not fit, but also many,” said Dr. Grace Tumbelaka, Sp.KO, as quoted by Detik Health page.

According to Doctor Grace, people are lazy to exercise usually caused by modern lifestyles. In today’s life, many activities are performed only in one place. For example, working behind desks or jobs that do not require people to work outdoors.

A fit body can stimulate good health. That way, various types of disease attacks can be reduced the risks. Conversely, a body that rarely moves at least will cause sleep patterns disorder, the body will easily achy, and not strong lifting heavy objects. And, a myriad of disease risks can invade the body.

“If we are lazy to move, also triggers the risk of various diseases such as hypertension, obesity, heart disease, muscle joint damage, and osteoarthritis. This has been proven and there are scientific data,” said Dr. Grace.

In addition, in women who rarely exercise can also increase the risk of typical diseases that more often attack them. For example osteoporosis and breast cancer. Women are also more susceptible to depression and obesity.

“Therefore, it is important to provide time for exercise to avoid such risks. Wrong if exercise is considered a burden,” she said.


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