Eyes Will Hurt When Reading with Dim Lights, Is It True?

eyes hurt reading dim lights

Many parents forbid their children to read in a dimly lit room, for the reason the eye can be damaged. Apparently, this is a myth, because if reading in a dimly lit room is not the eye that will hurt, but more because the head becomes dizzy.

Some myths that many believe to be true, it is not entirely true if viewed from the side of medical or science. Here are some of the myths we often hear, and proved not entirely true. Quoted from idiva.com, please refer to the following =

Frozen fruits and vegetables are not nutritious.
Frozen fruits and vegetables are no longer considered to store nutrients. Not really, because if before the frozen fruit and vegetables are still in fresh condition and the packaging is maintained, then of course there are still nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Wearing glasses for too long can exacerbate eye damage.
Wearing glasses for too long, even sleeping with glasses or contact lenses can make more severe eye damage. Not really. What makes eye damage is a health disorder in the eye, not for wearing glasses.

Eating 1 apple can ward off all diseases.
In fact, apples contain antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. Also pectin and other nutrients that are good for health. But that does not mean you become immune to other diseases, so you should still maintain health and do not just rely on habits of eating apples only.

Myths about health that are widely spread in the community are indeed good to note, especially for the good of yourself. But do not be too trusting too, because there are many factors that trigger the emergence of health problems.


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