6 Body Parts That Should Not Be Touched Frequently

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body parts touched frequently

Some parts of our body are not recommended to often be touched by hand, especially dirty hands. The reason, the movement of germs and bacteria most often occurs because we too often touch a variety of objects by hand, then accidentally touching the body.

The result can make our body have an infection or contracting certain diseases. Research conducted by scientists revealed the fact that the hands are the most important part of the movement of germs, as reported by The Sun page.

“Although after washing properly, hands and fingers will quickly become contaminated again from the surrounding environment,” said Kelly Reynolds, a health expert.

What are the parts of the body that should not be touched frequently? Check below =

  1. Ear hole.
    Touching the ear hole with fingers is a risky thing. The inner skin is very sensitive and contains fine hair that helps to hear, so vulnerable to damage or infection.
  2. Face skin.
    If you often suffer from acne, then remember, do you often touch your face? Facial skin is sensitive and prone to infection when bacteria get into the pores. The result can appear acne triggered by germs in the face.
  3. Buttocks.
    This part of the body has many types of bacteria, especially in the area around the anus, which can endanger health. Do not touch this area without washing hands with soap afterward.
  4. Eye.
    Eye parts are also susceptible to infections caused by germs that enter due to often touch the part around the eyes.
  5. Mouth.
    Journal of Applied Microbiology says that 1/3 types of germs contained in the mouth is due to the role of hands that enter the mouth.
  6. Nose.
    Nostrils are also vulnerable to infection and become a breeding ground for germs if you often touch it. Especially the Staphylococcus bacteria that can enter the respiratory organs.

Make sure hands are always clean by washing hands with soap and do not often touch the body parts above.


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