Mosquitoes Are Easier to Find Prey at Night

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mosquitoes easier find prey at night

Mosquitoes that fly at night are more aggressive than when they fly in the daytime. There is a scientific reason. According to a study by researchers from the University of Notre Dame Eck Institute, the sense of smell of mosquitoes at night becomes sharper. As a result, they are able to find human existence even though the lights have been turned off and dark.

According to researchers, mosquitoes that carry seeds of disease in the body tend to increase the ability of the sense of smell. They can smell the human body well and choose one of them as the prey and suck the blood. Quoted from the Merdeka page, the increased sense of smell of mosquitoes is also influenced by a particular protein.

In the body of a mosquito, there is a protein called odorant binding protein (OBP). Its function is to recognize the scent of the human body. The body parts of mosquitoes that are useful for recognizing their prey are in the antenna and mouth. From the observations of researchers who make mosquito malaria as its object, it is known that mosquitoes have higher OBP levels at night.

“This is an exciting discovery that can be useful to humans. Imagine, during the day mosquitoes fall asleep, and when the night comes, their sense of smell becomes extra sensitive and they are ready to bite you,” said one researcher, Samuel Rund from the Duffield laboratory.

This finding could be a clue to people in protecting themselves from mosquito bites. At least efforts to protect yourself at night from mosquito bites should be maximal.


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