Flatulence Should Not Be Underestimated, This is the Reason

flatulence should not be underestimated

Generally, people often underestimate the symptoms of flatulence. Though the condition is not normal and must be addressed seriously. Especially if the wind that is gathered in the stomach can not be removed naturally through a fart.

According to Terry Bolin, a Professor in Gastroenterology from The Good Foundation, women most often experience flatulence problems even two-thirds of them experience it periodically.

“One in five women will experience severe bloating which affects their work and life,” Terry explained.

Gases generated during the process of consuming food and drink become the main cause of flatulence. In addition, there is also the production of gas from the colon that accumulates in the digestion.

In women, gas is also produced from the small intestine, making the stomach look big and harden. This is called carbon gas by medical experts.

“Carbon gases usually travel through the small intestine. If trapped, that’s what makes the stomach becomes uncomfortable,” Terry added as reported by the Body and Soul page, Tuesday (5/9).

To overcome this problem, you must change your diet by not eating foods that can cause gas such as cabbage.

Some medications can also be consumed, such as Buscopan or Colofac. The simplest way is to drink probiotics that facilitate the process of digestion so that gas can be removed naturally.

There have been many cases of patients who were forced to be hospitalized by uncontrolled bloating, and gas in the stomach can not get out naturally.

Trent Watson, an accredited dietitian from London, recounted that many patients came into his place with stomach bloating. Generally, it happens because too much to eat. These people end up having to suffer from stomachaches caused by gas trapped in the digestive tract.


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