Long Bath Time is a Sign of People Who Are Less Happy

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long bath time sign people less happy

A study conducted by scientists from Yale University, United States revealed a unique fact about the length of time a person while bathing. The longer and often people spend time in the bathroom, then it’s a sign that they are less happy, even unhappy.

The more lonely a person, the more often they bathe,” said one of the scientists named John Bargh, Ph.D. as reported by the Life Hack page.

According to John Bargh, lonely people love to linger in the bathroom to clean the body, as well as reflecting or daydreaming there.

Bathrooms are considered the right place to think about their problems, or just spend time with daydreaming. Unfortunately, the activity is considered by researchers as an indication of unhappiness.

In line with the results of the study, Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert psychologist from Harvard University say that most of our thoughts are not in accordance with the results of work that has been done.

If the more we daydream, think, or plan, usually less implementation to reality.

An article in Scientific America writes about it, if plans or daydreams are too big and high, without being able to do and realized, the risk of someone feeling disappointed and depressed is even greater.

As a result, they will spend more time daydreaming to escape from reality that is not in line with expectations.

In contrast to people who have a short bath time, and do not want to stay long in the bathroom. They are considered more efficient, focusing their minds well, and have a purpose. People like this usually have good social relationships.


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