5 Causes of Constipation or Difficult Bowel Movements

constipation difficult bowel movements causes

Difficult bowel movements or constipation often cause discomfort. Many of us who have experienced constipation, but without knowing the actual cause. There are several triggers that cause you constipation. In general, the cause of constipation is a lack of water and fiber consumption. So if you include people who like to eat meat but rarely eat fruits and vegetables, then you are prone to constipation problems. In addition, there are several other causes why you are experiencing constipation, as will be reviewed below.

Some Causes of Constipation =

  1. Stress.
    Psychological factors may affect the overall performance of the blood system. For example, in people who are under stress, digestive nerves can be interrupted, causing intestinal peristalsis does not work normally. This will lead to constipation. Constipation due to stress does not need to be handled with the help of medications, enough to avoid stress.
  2. Not feel comfortable at home.
    According to one myth, indicators of people who feel comfortable in a place is smooth bowel movements in the first few days. If difficult bowel movements, the marks do not feel comfortable in the new environment. Although only a myth, this tendency was often proved correct because associated with stress. Feeling uncomfortable in a new environment encourages a person to experience stress that can lead to constipation.
  3. Wrong eating.
    There are some foods that should be consumed in excess can lead to constipation. Canned foods or processed foods, red meats, as well as fried foods often cause constipation. In addition, beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee can also be a trigger constipation.
  4. Like to hold a bowel movement.
    Like to hold a bowel movement is also often done by some people. Whereas this could dim the instinctive desire or signal to defecate. Some of the reasons why some people like to hold a bowel movement are usually due to too busy or do not find a toilet when in public areas.
  5. Lack of drinking water and fiber consumption.
    As has been said before that the cause of constipation is generally lacking drinking water and rarely consume foods that contain fiber. Signal to defecate normally characterized by heartburn when stomach feels full. Feeling of fullness in the stomach can be obtained from the fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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