The Cause of Runny Nose When We Feel Spiciness

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cause of runny nose spiciness

Spicy food and lots of chillies are becoming commonplace in our country. Many people in this country who love spicy food and difficult to avoid in the daily food menu. The main effect of eating such foods is spiciness. Sometimes the tongue that feels spiciness is also interspersed with the presence of a slimy nose. Do you know why this happens?

A runny nose experienced by the person who feels the spiciness is triggered by two compounds in chili, namely capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanate. Both are compounds that provide a spicy sensation in the food.

When a person consumes spicy food, these two substances immediately affect the neural receptors of pain and then comes the spicy effect in the oral cavity, especially the tongue. In addition, irritation of the mucosal tissue occurs in the mouth, nose, and throat that is triggered by capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanate.

“This mucous membrane is a layer of the wall that protects the holes in the body from bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. When spicy compounds irritate mucosal tissue, then will automatically produce extra mucus as a form of self-defense,” said Lauren Vogelbaum from BrainStuff.

So the presence of mucus is actually showing the body’s defense works well. The body considers the compound in the pepper should be anticipated so as not to enter into the respiratory system. As a result then immediately appear mucus in the nose. Well if at that time the body is exposed to cold and nasal congestion, irritation of this compound actually help relieve breathing.


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