4 Trivial Things That Can Make Women Difficult to Get Pregnant

trivial things women difficult pregnant

According to experts in obstetrics and ob-gyn, there are some things that cause women difficult to get pregnant. Besides indeed because the body condition is not possible, trivial habits that are often done can also affect.

Sometimes it is done without realizing that the habit can affect the fertility of female reproductive organs. Reported by parents.com page, here are four trivial things that can make women difficult to get pregnant =

  1. Using the phone until late at night.
    This habit is often done by women today, playing the smart phone until late at night. According to the expert, the reason is because fatigue that is ignored by women. Not only the eyes that must be forced to work see the bright light until night, but the body also has a biological time to rest. Exposure to light and cell phone radiation is also said to be a factor that affecting fertility.
  2. Watching TV until late.
    There are many interesting television channels in the evenings, as well as movies or dramas that women favor. It also cuts their rest time and affects the cycle of fertility and reproductive organs. Studies conducted by German researchers revealed that television light radiation is also less good for reproductive health.
  3. Lack of sleep or sleep disturbance.
    The habit of staying up late and sleep deprivation in the night also greatly affects the health of the body in general and reproduction in particular. As a result, there are several health problems that can occur, including also difficult to get pregnant.
  4. Sleep without turning off the lights.
    Ideally, night sleep is done in a dark room and minimal light, so the body will feel comfortable and rested well. If sleeping under a bright light, then there are many health risks that can occur. According to researchers, can occur the risk of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and difficulty getting pregnant when often sleep without turning off the lights.

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