6 Secret Benefits of Banana Blossom You Need to Know

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benefits of banana blossom

Banana blossom is usually processed into home cooking and consumed along with warm rice. The taste of this vegetable is soft and delicious. But not only that the benefits of consuming this vegetable. Behind the delicious taste, it turns out to save a lot of benefits for health.

Here are some benefits that you can get from the banana blossom. Let’s see as reported by the Life Hack page =

  1. Prevent constipation.
    The fiber content in banana blossom is very high, so it is helpful for the digestion process. It prevents constipation and can launch a bowel movement.
  2. Menstruation will be smooth.
    Banana blossom consumption can increase the production of progesterone for women. That means good to launch menstruation, maintain pregnancy and good for female fertility. However, if the hormone is excessive can cause problems, such as flatulence, firm breasts, and mood so easily changed.
  3. Breast milk more smoothly.
    Breast milk production also becomes more smoothly due to consumption of banana blossom. This is because of increased levels of progesterone for nursing mothers.
  4. Treat less blood or anemia.
    Anemia or less blood can also be overcome with banana blossom consumption. It works to increase hemoglobin because its iron content is high.
  5. Prevent infection.
    Banana blossom is able to prevent infection, due to the ethanol-based content in it. Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in your body. Also prevents staphylococcal infections and sore throat.
  6. Change the mood to good.
    Banana blossom consumption can also help improve mood because it has properties such as an anti-depressant. The secret is in the high magnesium content, so it can also lower blood pressure.

So do not underestimate banana blossom, because the benefits are also many.


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