3 Most Popular Types of Treatment for Kidney Failure

types of teatment for kidney failure

One type of chronic disease that is frightening is chronic kidney disease. Patients are quite difficult to detect in the early phases of the disease, so sometimes already in the advanced stage 3-4 just found out that a person is suffering from kidney failure. Because of its characteristics, then many people who call kidney failure as the silent disease.

Why is that? Because if a person’s kidney is damaged, then there are no obvious symptoms that will appear. No wonder if someone does not know the disease unless there is a decline in kidney function.

According to the head of the Indonesian Nephrology Association, Dr. Tunggal Situmorang, SpPD-KGH, generally there are three types of chronic kidney failure treatment that will be done. Here is the information =

  1. Peritoneal Dialysis.
    You may most often hear the term dialysis. This is one way to deal with chronic kidney failure. With dialysis, the residual substances and impurities in the blood that can not be cleaned by the kidneys will be filtered using a peritoneal membrane. The procedure is with abdominal surgery.
  2. Hemodialysis.
    Using the machine, the blood is cleaned with an artificial filter on the machine. For that, the vascular will be dissected and removed, after clean then returned again in the body. There are two needles to be inserted into the vascular, for the blood to come out that will enter the machine and for the blood to enter again in the body.
  3. Kidney Transplant.
    The medics say that this is the most ideal type of treatment, to replace a damaged kidney with a healthier one. But the cost is the most expensive, and you have to find someone who will give you a kidney to replace your damaged kidney. In addition, there should be a blood type compatibility and various other factors that need to be consulted with an expert doctor.

Because of the difficulty of treating the disease, then keep your kidney condition by not consuming drinks that contain lots of chemicals and artificial preservatives. Drink water or natural beverages only. May be useful.


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