Electronic Cigarettes are Equally Dangerous in Triggering Cancer

electronic cigarettes triggering cancer

Vape or electronic cigarettes have the same risk to bring cancer in the body. Electronic cigarettes are not a substitute for tobacco cigarettes, although some smokers make it a way to stop smoking. They assume that the inhaled is water vapor and there is no nicotine in it.

The assumption is wrong. A number of studies have found substances from vape that are sucked into the lungs and cause harm. In a study conducted by the Hellenic Cancer Society in Athens, Greece, there were symptoms of inflammation of the lungs from a number of participating volunteers.

The study involved 50 smokers of tobacco and vape aged around 18-31 years. There are 27 people with mild asthma. Researchers wanted to see how much of the nitric oxide (NO) substance exhaled from their lungs.

The NO substance is a gas molecule that be a sign of inflammation in the respiratory organs. These molecules are produced in cells in the respiratory tract. The results are quite astonishing. Vape smokers have a much higher NO gas content than those who do not use vape. The findings also show more severe results in volunteers who have asthma.

“Electronic cigarettes immediately impair the function of the lungs, which lasts for less than 30 minutes after smoking,” said study author Dr. Andreas Lappas from the Hellenic Cancer Society, as quoted by the Digest page.

People who previously suffered from asthma, have a bad effect when smoking vape only in the short term than smokers who do not have asthma. In general, the presence of inflammation in the lungs in the future can lead to more serious lung disease including cancer.

Meanwhile, another study also revealed, white blood cells that are affected by exposure to the water vapor from electronic cigarettes come release compounds that trigger inflammation. Water vapor in vape may also contain various types of cancer-promoting chemicals such as formaldehyde, aldehydes, acrolein, diethylene glycol, and nickel.


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