If Frequent Burping, This is What Happens in the Body

frequent burping

Burping usually occurs after eating, which is often interpreted as a glut. In fact, when someone naturally does that, it means the air in the stomach out due to the ongoing digestive process. The unusual thing is when someone frequent burping without knowing what the cause is.

So what exactly is happening in the body when we are burping repeatedly? Let’s refer to the following information as reported by the Prevention page =

  1. Eat too fast, do not chew well.
    Eating should be done without haste, so we can chew the food well. This chewing is the beginning of the digestive process to lighten the work of the intestine. If in a hurry, there is a lot of air also swallowed. As a result, the air must be removed so as not to interfere with the digestion of food. The natural way is with burping.
  2. Sinus.
    When you have problems with the sinuses, then can cause nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. Usually, tend to breathe with a mouth as a way out. In fact, this can make the air can also enter the gastrointestinal tract, not only to the respiratory tract.
  3. Drinking soda.
    Consuming soft drinks can trigger excessive burping. The carbonated beverage makes the aroma of burping more smelly, as it comes directly from the digestion.
  4. Gastric reflux.
    Usually, burping is also accompanied by nausea due to disease triggered by the rise of stomach acid. You can also feel the food rising to the throat along with the burping.

If excessive burping is being experienced, it is not advisable to lie down or sleep. This can trigger vomiting. Consumption of foods with small portions only, if you have problems with reflux.

Avoid sour drinks, caffeine, and spicy foods that aggravate the condition of digestion.


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