Goat Meat is Not a Trigger of Hypertension and Low Cholesterol

goat meat trigger hypertension cholesterol

Still many people worry if they eat goat meat will raise blood pressure or cholesterol. Finally, at the moment of Eid al-Adha, they became reluctant to eat goat meat. Is it true that goat meat will give such a bad effect?

The answer is the opposite. Goat meat does not affect the rise in blood pressure or cholesterol significantly. This was conveyed by Dr. Johanes Chandrawinata, SpGK, as a clinical nutrition specialist, who revealed that even one person eating 1 kg of goat meat would not necessarily have high blood pressure.

In addition, goat meat is superior. The meat has a lower fat and cholesterol content. In the portion of 100 grams, fat from goat meat is only approximately 3.03 grams with cholesterol 75 milligrams. This is different from beef with fat content reached 7.72 grams with 80 milligrams cholesterol in the same portion. However, both cholesterol levels are almost the same.

Things to note in order to avoid the side effects on goat meat consumption is the way of processing into food. If red meat is exposed to high heat exposure such as when making goat satay, it is feared will produce carcinogen substances. Not the charcoal that triggers cancer, but changes in the substance in meat due to too high temperatures that make the meat problematic.

If goat meat is cooked with soup, it is better to choose a menu that does not or a little use of coconut milk to avoid the risk of rising blood pressure and cholesterol. Add it with vegetables to make the goat meat more nutritious. One more, do not overdo it in consuming, so as not to be toxic to the body. All foods if consumed in excess is not good for health.


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