The Causes of Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

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Wisdom teeth help the process of crushing food in the mouth. These teeth only grow once and are not replaced with new teeth if removed. It’s just that sometimes the wisdom teeth should be removed under certain conditions. And, removal requires oral surgery.

The wisdom teeth often grow at a time when the age of a person about 17-30 years. Functions the same as other molars. Its growth is longer than other teeth and becomes the ultimate teeth that will appear in the gums.

“The wisdom teeth that do not cause any complaints and grow normally, then do not need to be removed. Usually, the decision to remove the wisdom teeth arises because of problems with the teeth,” said drg. Irayani Queencyputri from Hendra Hidayat Dental Center (HHDC), as quoted by Detik Health page.

Doctor Rara continued, for some conditions wisdom teeth need to be removed when the growth is not normal. For example, the teeth grow tilted to the left or right. If left unchecked, these molars can make food stuck. Food can be left between the wisdom teeth and the teeth in front of it.

“Food that stuck in the crevices of teeth can not be cleaned with toothpicks or toothbrushes so that later can rot and cause holes in both teeth (wisdom teeth and teeth in front of it). Well, before the hole appeared, better if the abnormal molars are removed,” she said.

Other conditions that cause wisdom teeth should be removed is the growth that is not perfect because some teeth covered by gums. This gum is finally often bitten and potentially tucked food between gums and teeth. Very likely later can trigger inflammation.


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