3 Bad Things Can Be Obtained Just Because of Lack of Sleep

bad things because lack of sleep

Bad effects of lack of sleep can not be underestimated. People who have not slept for a few days are able to make them under threat of death. Because in sleep, there is an improvement in the body that makes humans wake up in a more optimal state. If this daily activity is ignored, it will have an impact on the decrease of all functions of the body.

Quoted from the Okezone page, here are the various adverse effects of poor sleep habits =

  1. Depression.
    People who sleep less have a higher risk of depression. In people who have trouble sleeping (insomnia) more easily experience the mind that is always depressed. And finally, the immune system goes down.
  2. Feeling tired that can cause a risk of accidents.
    Lack of sleep causes fatigue in the body. If people with conditions like this drive a motorcycle or car, the risk of having an accident is very high. The risk is like a drunk man driving.
  3. Skin is easily damaged.
    Eyes swollen and pale skin can be obtained only with lack of sleep in one night. However, if lack of sleep becomes a habit, then the damage that happens to the skin becomes permanent. For example can appear panda circles under the eyes and also wrinkles. Skin elasticity decreased. Chronic fatigue experienced by the body during sleep deprivation also increases the stress hormone cortisol. The effect on the body can break down proteins in the skin.

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