7 Symptoms That Will Occur a Month Before Having a Stroke

symptoms month before stroke

The body will give some signs if there is something wrong in it. For that, we must be observant in recognizing the things that went wrong in order to avoid greater health problems.

For example a month before a stroke, there are usually special signs given by the body for us to be aware. A stroke occurs when blood flow is disrupted or obstructed in the blood vessel of the brain. If there is a blockage, then the nutrients, oxygen, and blood can not reach the brain.

Perceived signs should be responded by anticipating the occurrence of a stroke by changing lifestyle, and begin to avoid the things that trigger a stroke. Do not ignore it because the effect will be even worse.

According to health experts and doctors, symptoms that generally appear a month or more before the onset of a stroke are as follows =

  1. Respiratory problems or shortness of breath.
    This happens because the heartbeat is starting to have problems (palpitations) and not normal. Generally, this problem experienced by women.
  2. Gloomy face.
    Facial muscles begin to weaken, so the face looks like being moody on one side only. It will appear when you smile or brush your teeth.
  3. Easily tired.
    The body will also easily feel tired, as well as mental and personality conditions change so easily. We will easily turn into sad or angry.
  4. Frequent hiccups.
    It’s a small symptom because of a stroke likely attacks the part of the brain that regulates the respiratory system. Hiccups occur due to impaired breathing.
  5. Pain on the side of the body.
    If there is a sudden pain in one part of the body, arms, legs, chest, or other, then beware. Consultation with the doctor will be better.
  6. Headache.
    A headache with frequent intensity is also very necessary to watch out for. These include migraines that attack one side of the head only.
  7. Difficult to talk and limp.
    Suddenly you have difficulty speaking. Also, the legs or hands are limp for no apparent reason.

If you feel some of the signs above, immediately consult a doctor and start eating healthy and natural foods.


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