Found Anti-shake Spoon to Help People with Parkinson’s Disease

anti-shake spoon parkinson's disease

One of the main problems faced by Parkinson’s sufferers is that part of the body that has tremors or vibration. Their hands can not hold tightly because of this problem. Eating activities become constrained due to instability in the movement of the hand. Food often spills. But all that can now be overcome with new findings in the form of anti-shake spoon.

Anti-shake spoon was released on 1 December 2016. The spoon is designed to resist vibration and other movements so that the hand position remains stable while taking the food. This reduces the risk of spilled food. The tip of the spoon is in an upright state even though the vibrations on the hand are so strong.

Quoted from the Okezone page, the anti-shake spoon is named Liftware Level. Not just a spoon, but there’s also an anti-shake fork version. Patients with Parkinson’s can comfortably eat food with these two devices.

The price of a pair of anti-shake spoons Liftware Level is $195. A foundation named Huntington Disease Society of America has ordered it as many as 1,000 spoons. All will be given to people who need it as a form of social action.

Parkinson’s is a disease that attacks the human nervous system. People who experience it can not control the movement of certain body parts. Back to The Future movie actors Michael J. Fox and boxer Muhammad Ali are some of the most famous people with this disease.


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