Drinking Sweet Potato Water Can Eliminate the Fat Pile in the Body

sweet potato water eliminate fat

Many people who have difficulty losing weight so willing to do anything to remove the fat pile in their bodies. A recent study conducted by scientists from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan found the easy way, with sweet potato cooking water.

Mentioned that the protein in the sweet potato wastewater is able to suppress appetite. It has been tested on mice. Two groups of mice with high-fat foods were treated differently.

One group was given sweet potato water with peptide content (SPP) while others did not. As a result, in 28 days the difference is clearly visible from the two groups of mice.

The measured object is weight, liver mass, and fat tissue. Cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and peptin that proven to control hunger are also measured. It is clear that there are differences in groups of mice given SPP and those not.

Weight as well as various other research items appear lower in mice given sweet potato cooking water with SPP content. As for mice that are only given foods high in fat without drinking SPP, weight increases.

“We hypothesize that this can affect weight, fat tissue and other factors. We are surprised that SPP reduces the level of fat molecules in mice and seems to play a role in controlling appetite,” said Dr. Koji Ishiguro study leader, as reported by Dailymail page.

This is certainly good news for those who want to look slim without difficulty, just by drinking sweet potato cooking water alone.


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