5 Factors That Increase the Occurrence of Cleft Lip

factors occurrence cleft lip

Cleft lip is a condition of birth defects that occurred since the fetus, due to tissue of lips in infants that are not formed properly. None of the pregnant women want it to happen, but the limited scientific conditions sometimes make pregnant women unable to prevent.

Cleft not only can occur in the tissues of the lips, but also in the ceiling of the mouth that is not perfectly formed. The defect is commonly experienced during the second or third month of pregnancy.

According to scientists, the dominant factor of cleft lip trigger is caused by the interaction of genetic factors as well as the environment. However, the exact cause they also still do not know.

But just information, certainly there is the greatest possibility why things that cause disability occurs. Reported by the Mayoclinic page, here are some factors that increase the occurrence of cleft lip =

  1. Genetic.
    Heredity or genetic become one of the factors causing cleft lip. So be wary if any of your family is experiencing it.
  2. Gender.
    According to scientists, more baby boys are born with cleft lip than baby girls.
  3. Exposed to certain chemicals.
    Certain chemicals that are heavily exposed when women are in the process of becoming pregnant can be one of the triggers. For example from cigarettes, alcohol, certain drugs, or jobs that use a lot of chemicals.
  4. Diabetes
    Mothers with diabetes can also cause a child’s risk of having a larger cleft lip.
  5. Obesity.
    Although not dominant but the risk when the mother is obese also become larger.

Of course, it would be wiser if as early as possible consult a doctor if experiencing health problems or have a greater risk as above. May be useful.


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