5 Things You Should Do During an Earthquake

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things should do during earthquake

An earthquake is a disaster that can not be predicted. Earthquakes can come at night, morning, or noon when we are doing activities or even sleeping. Therefore, there are several methods of safety that are taught as a form of awareness when an earthquake occurs so that casualties can be reduced.

Methods to save themselves during earthquakes began to be taught to everyone especially for those who live in areas prone to earthquakes. Quoted from conservation.ca.gov, here are some things to do when an earthquake occurs =

  1. Calm.
    Keep calm so you can think clearly. Immediately find a table, to take cover under it. Protect your head with a bag, hand or another object. When the vibration stops, get out of the room and go outside the building.
  2. If in a multi-storey building.
    You should try to go down the stairs if the vibration has stopped, do not use the elevator because it could be the elevator will be stuck.
  3. If outdoors.
    Despite being outdoors, danger can still be threatening. You should avoid tall buildings or tall trees, and try to be in a roomy space. High-rise buildings are at risk of collapsing and falling on anyone under it.
  4. Aftershocks.
    Generally, after the main earthquake, there will be aftershocks. That’s what makes you have to get out of the room if the first vibration has stopped.
  5. Communication tool.
    Carrying a communication tool that you can reach will be more helpful after the disaster. Forget the wallet first, take the communication tool if possible. If not, prioritize safety first.

May be useful and hopefully no more earthquakes that take a lot of casualties.


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