5 Signs That Will Appear If Exposed to Gum Infections

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The role of the gums for oral health is very important, so if the infection occurs, then you must address it immediately. Generally, the trigger of gum infection is gingivitis bacteria which if left can also cause cavities.

Periodontal disease also begins with gingivitis. As a result, the gums are pulled down and causing the tooth root to be seen. This is what often makes the teeth so sensitive and easy to ache.

To be able to prevent gum infections, you should recognize the initial symptoms that will be visible if your gums and teeth are infected. Here are some of them as reported by Viva.co.id page =

  1. Red and swollen.
    Infected gums will appear to change color to dark red and swollen. While if the gums are normal then the color is pink and not swollen.
  2. Easy to bleed.
    The gums will also bleed very easily if you are brushing your teeth or cleaning your teeth with flossing. This is a common sign that is often overlooked by people, that bleeding gums are a sign of infection.
  3. Pus.
    Not only swelling, but gums can also secrete pus if infection occurs. This is a sign that the body is fighting bacteria.
  4. Shaky teeth.
    Another sign is that the teeth will feel shaky and easily moved. This is due to the roots that start loose due to unhealthy gums.
  5. Bad breath.
    Breath becomes smelly not only due to less brushing teeth but also due to the many bacteria and infection in the gums. In some cases, teeth can become sensitive and easy to ache. Immediately go to the dentist if it happens like this.

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