3 Things That Would Happen If the Body Lacks Protein

body lacks protein

The body needs various nutrients to function properly. Not only vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, but also protein. If your body experiences a lack of protein intake, then naturally there will be some signs in yourself that you can see. The benefits of knowing these signs, of course, so you can immediately meet the needs of your own body.

What are the signs that appear if the body has a protein deficiency? Here is the information as reported by Vemale page =

  1. Easy hungry.
    You will often feel hungry, even though you have eaten. This is because in the menu you eat there is no source of protein needed by the body. Usually, naturally the body will make you want to eat something that contains protein such as eggs, tofu, tempeh, fish, milk, and others.
  2. Easy to get sick.
    Someone who lacks protein intake is also easy to get sick. This is because the body’s natural defense system is not strong against virus or bacteria attacks. The immune system needs enough protein to multiply white blood cells that function as a protective cell from germs.
  3. Hard to heal if injured.
    The process of wound healing requires a lot of protein because to repair damaged cells the body needs these nutrients. If the wound is hard to heal, it’s a sign if you lack protein consumption. Multiply eating a variety of protein sources, need not be expensive, which is important to meet the needs of the body. May be useful.

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