Air Conditioning on the Plane is Very Cold, This is the Reason

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air conditioning plane very cold

Air conditioning (AC) on the plane that is traveling will feel very cold, so no wonder if passengers sometimes try to shut down or close some of the holes located at the top of the cabin. Though closing or turning off the air conditioner located at the top of the cabin should not be done.

Medical Director at Lahey Medical Center-Peabody, Mark Gendreau said that air conditioning on the plane is made in such a way because there is a reason.

One of the reasons is to help passengers to avoid microorganisms that can endanger health and trigger illness.

“Because of the virus that is in the air, it is important to turn on the air vents. AC is the main tool for controlling ventilation in the plane, in addition to isolating people affected by the virus in the air,” said Gendreau.

There are so many viruses that can spread through the air, and carried by each passenger, as quoted by Nine page, Wednesday (30/8).

Among others are tuberculosis and measles that are proven can survive in the open air for five hours.

So air conditioning not only serves to cool the air and clean the air but also to block the virus. AC at medium or low temperature makes the creation of the air wall and serves to block virus particles from attacking you.

So do not turn off the AC on the plane even though the temperature is very cold. Use a thick jacket to withstand the cold, which must have been prepared since before the flight took place.


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