5 Diseases That Can Be Experienced by Uncircumcised Men

diseases experienced uncircumcised men

Circumcision becomes a separate tradition for Muslims. Circumcision is one of the obligations devoted to Muslim men. In Indonesia, circumcision has become a regular activity, and there is no contradiction. In fact, sometimes there are parents who have circumcised their child since baby. For babies who have abnormalities in the penis, cut penis foreskin can be the best solution.

Well, there are many benefits of circumcision. There are a number of diseases that can attack the body because you do not do the circumcision. Quoted from the Republika page, here are some diseases that can be experienced by uncircumcised men =

  1. Phimosis.
    People with phimosis experience narrowing of the front of the skin on their penis. This disease is caused due to congenital birth. If not immediately circumcised can trigger inflammation of the hole in the skin of the penis.
  2. Paraphimosis.
    This disease causes the foreskin penis can not be pulled forward to cover the head of the penis. In effect, the foreskin is trapped, and trigger swelling due to blood circulation is not smooth in that area.
  3. Balanitis.
    Symptoms that arise from balanitis are swelling, pain, or irritation of the head and skin of the penis. Men who have not circumcised more potential to experience it.
  4. Condyloma acuminata.
    This is a wart that usually lives in or around the vagina, penis, and rectum. Transmission is due to risky sex. Men who experience it will find there are warts growing on the tip or the shaft of the penis, until the bottom of the front skin if not circumcised.
  5. Squamous cell carcinoma.
    This disease is a type of cancer in the middle layer of the epidermis. The visible symptoms are penis skin looks reddish brown and scaly. The appearance is similar to psoriasis, dermatitis or fungal infections.

In addition to the five diseases above, the risk of disease due to not circumcised is still a lot. For example such as hypospadias, epispadias, megalourethra, webbed penis, and blood clotting disorders. Therefore, your penis must be circumcised in order to be healthier.


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