Regularly Drinking Espresso Coffee Can Help Shrink the Breast

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espresso coffee shrink breast

Coffee will not only make the body more energized. More than that, drinking espresso coffee can help lower the size of women‘s breasts. It is concluded from a study that found that there was a decrease in breast size from 300 female participants by drinking espresso in certain doses on a regular basis.

Quoted from the Republika page, this method becomes a natural step in minimizing the size of the breasts that are already large. The espresso coffee that is drunk will soon be identified by the hormone estrogen or female hormones. From here then gradually the size of the breast shrinks along with the routine of consuming espresso.

To get that benefit, women can drink about three glasses of espresso every day. By getting small breasts, then the woman’s body can reduce the increased risk of certain diseases. For example in cases of breast cancer, it turns out women who have big breasts more at risk of experiencing this disease than women who have small breast size.

In coffee, there are certain substances that can change the metabolism of women. In addition, there is an increase in the function of the hormone estrogen. This is believed to help women to escape from breast cancer and at the same time can shrink the breast.


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