4 Causes of Weight is Difficult to Reduce

causes weight difficult reduce

Are you including people who are difficult to lose weight despite reducing the portion of food, frequent exercise, even fasting? All that is indeed a factor that can help you reduce fat deposits in the body.

But there are also other factors that make your weight is not easy to change, even tend to increase. What are the factors that maintain weight? The Fox News page launches it as follows =

  1. Lack of drinking.
    The fluid in the body has many functions. One of the functions of fluid that you drink is to break down the fat present in the body. If you drink less, then there are many body functions that do not work well. Including the process of reducing fat deposits. The best fluid you should consume in sufficient quantities is water.
  2. Less fatty foods.
    Foods that contain healthy fats are needed by the body, including also in the process of weight loss. Studies show that healthy fats help the various functions of organs including metabolism. Examples of foods that contain healthy fats are fish, avocados, olive oil, etc.
  3. Weight already ideal.
    The body actually has the ability to balance the weight by itself. If you are slim enough then the body will maintain that condition by no longer lose your weight but will defend it. So you do not need to be obsessed to have a thin body if the actual weight is already ideal and healthy.
  4. Eat too much protein.
    If in your menu the amount of protein is still too much, it will be difficult to lose weight. Excess intake of protein will be stored by the body into fat and increase muscle mass if you exercise regularly.

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