Husband Needs to Be Checked First If Wife Still Can Not Get Pregnant

wife still cannot get pregnant

Not every couple is given the trust by God to have children. There are some couples who must wait for years until the arrival of pregnancy. However, not a few couples who can not get a child because one of them experienced infertility. Infertility became one of the triggers.

Revealed by Dr.dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG (K) from SMART IVF Clinic, infertility is experienced by about 15 percent of couples in their childbearing years. Couples are said to have this problem when they do not get pregnancy news for 12 consecutive months. In fact, they’ve tried to have sex without using contraception.

“So if from 100 couples, 15 people are at risk for difficulty in obtaining offspring or have fertility problems,” said the obstetrician who is familiarly called Dr. Iko, as quoted by Detik Health page.

Nevertheless, should not blame the wife. Precisely the problem of infertility approximately 35 percent of the cause from the side of men or husbands. Thus, Dr. Iko suggested that husbands should perform fertility checks first.

“Currently the paradigm changed, the first to be examined is the husband, sperm should be examined, because it has 35 percent contribution to any fertility disorder,” he said.

In contrast, women with infertility are commonly caused by ovulation disorders. This disorder causes problems in egg maturity. Percentage of occurrence reached approximately 30-40 percent. The disorder arises with various ways such as a blockage in the ovaries until there is a cyst.

“Could be due to egg blockage factor, i.e. 30 percent, or brown cyst (endometriosis). The rest there is 5-10 percent unexplained. It is not clear why, although women normal, men normal, but still no children,” said Dr. Iko.


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