6 Foods That Can Cause Puffy Eyes When You Wake Up

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foods cause puffy eyes

Waking up with puffy eyes is definitely not a nice thing in the morning. Moreover, the morning is the time to do activities in the office, college, or school that needs the best appearance.

It turned out that the condition of waking up with puffy eyes caused by food intake that we eat before bed. Reported by Purewow.com page, here are some foods that should be suspected as a trigger puffy eyes when waking up =

  1. Fast food.
    Fast food usually contains high salt or otherwise known as sodium. This material makes the body’s cells absorb a lot of fluid and store it while sleeping. No wonder if you wake up then your eyes look swollen because of the amount of fluid.
  2. Tomato.
    Tomatoes contain solanine that triggers inflammation and swelling in some parts of the body including the area around the eyes. No wonder if in the case of patients with certain diseases it is advisable not to eat a lot of tomatoes.
  3. Eggplant.
    Eggplants also trigger the body’s cells to absorb much of the liquid due to its solanine content.
  4. Canned food.
    Canned foods generally contain high sodium as a preservative. This is what triggers the swelling in the eye area, especially after waking up.
  5. Wheat.
    Unexpectedly, this healthy food can also trigger swelling in the eye after waking up in the morning. Consume wheat should be in the daytime only, so that swollen eye effect does not occur to you. This is especially for those of you who suffer from wheat allergies.
  6. Dairy products.
    Milk and other dairy products are foods that trigger inflammation, especially for those who are sensitive to milk protein. Avoid if you do not want to look swollen in the morning.

In addition, the type of sweet foods and spicy foods also trigger the occurrence of puffy eyes in the morning, so you should slightly reduce the intake. May be useful.


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