4 Baby Diseases That Can Be Treated by Using Breast Milk

baby diseases breast milk

Breast milk is a magical thing that is given to the mother for her baby. With breast milk, the baby can grow strong and healthy and resistant to disease. But not only as a primary source of nutrients, this natural milk can also be used as a medicine.

First you need to know that breast milk is rich in antibodies, so if given to treat eye or ear diseases that occur in your baby, it is safe.

Dr. Arjun Gaikwad from India said, “Breast milk is rich in antibodies, this is why breastfeeding is the best way to build baby immunity.”

But of course if you still hesitate to do this, you should consult a doctor. Breast milk for medicine has long been known by mothers who still rely on traditional medicine for their babies. But as a reminder, let’s look at some of the diseases that can be overcome with breast milk as reported by The Health Site page =

  1. Eye infections.
    If your baby’s eyes are infected or sticky because it is covered by eye droppings, take a small amount of cotton that has been given breast milk. Gently rub the baby’s eyes to clean up the dirt. Do it regularly until the infection heals.
  2. Ear infections.
    If the baby has an ear infection and gives off an unpleasant odor, give a few drops of breast milk into it. Leave until the liquid comes out on its own and clean it. Do it regularly until the infection heals.
  3. Rash.
    Red rash usually occurs on the baby’s buttocks. Rub the cotton that has been given breast milk to the skin and leave it to dry. Do it until the rash disappears.
  4. Dry skin.
    Dry and scaly skin in the baby can be treated by applying breast milk to moisten again. Breast milk is very safe so you do not have to worry the baby will experience irritation. Good luck.

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