5 Ways to Overcome Eye Irritation Caused by Contact Lenses

overcome eye irritation contact lenses

Using contact lenses can be a solution for people with eye problems such as minus or plus and others, but are reluctant to wear glasses. It is much simpler to use a lens directly placed on the eyeball.

However, there are risks that can also occur if too long wearing contact lenses, such as eye irritation and infection. Dry eyes become one of the problems to be faced.

If irritation occurs, the eyes will become red, itchy, and secrete a sticky fluid. Of course, very disturbing your appearance and also your eye health if there is such a problem.

To overcome the problem of irritation due to the use of contact lenses, here are some solutions that you can follow, as quoted from okezone.com page =

  1. Eye drops.
    If you already experience the above symptoms, do not forget to immediately remove contact lenses that exist in your eyes. Immediately give eye drops to solve the problem, at least not to get worse.
  2. Stop wearing contact lenses.
    While in treatment, stop wearing contact lenses. Wear glasses first so that the irritation quickly healed. If you force yourself to wear contact lenses, then it can get worse.
  3. Compress.
    The heat and itching in the eyes should not be addressed by scratching. Try to reduce the itch by compressing. Use warm water for better condition. Can also be compressed using cucumber.
  4. See a doctor.
    If the eye drops you use do not help much, as well as warm water compresses, then immediately consult a doctor.
  5. Replace the brand of contact lens with another.
    Change the brand of contact lenses you use with other brands. Irritation can be caused because you do not fit the material or other causes.

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