Breathing Techniques Help Normalize Blood Pressure

breathing techniques blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that includes difficult to recognize the exact cause. Between one person and another has different triggers. Some things that can cause this disease are high cholesterol, stress, depression, smoking, side effects of other diseases, foods rich in salt, and so on.

Therefore, everyone should routinely control their blood pressure using a tensimeter tool. If caught early, then controlling it becomes rather easy and the side effects are not until too far. In addition to medication and dietary regulation, overcoming hypertension can also be done through breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques for hypertension were stated by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Macquarie University. It was found that there is an unusual activity in neurons that control breathing with blood pressure, during essential hypertension.

Quoted from the Okezone page, essential hypertension is a rise in blood pressure with an unknown trigger. This type of hypertension affects about 30 percent of the global population. Essential hypertension often contributes to the emergence of cardiovascular disease. According to Prof. Andrew Allen, the study is in line with what is believed by the athletes and eastern philosophy who explain there is a link between breathing and heart rate.

“Biathletes must regulate their breathing to slow their heartbeat before the gun shooting, and the practice of eastern meditation such as yoga and pranayama always emphasizes the interaction between the two,” said Andrew.

Functionally, the relationship between blood pressure and breathing occurs through the sympathetic nervous system. At the time of breathing, there is sending nerve signals to the heart and blood vessels. The occurrence of activity on the nerves triggers the rise in blood pressure along with each time the process of breathing. This reaction is observed in young people and healthy adults who have a risk of hypertension during middle age.

People who have essential hypertension generally have a healthy body. In order to have stable blood pressure, they are asked to keep it through a balanced diet and lifestyle adjustments. This breathing therapy can complement blood pressure control so that it remains normal.

“By understanding what hypertension predictors that are easy to assess, we may be better placed to offer this treatment to pre-hypertensive patients,” said Prof. Allen.


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