Sweating Does Not Mean Burning Body Fat

sweating burning body fat

Many people who misunderstand, think if the body has a lot of sweat, then a sign of fat under the skin has been burned. It usually occurs after sports or spa, when sweat pours down on the surface of the skin.

Though that assumption can not be justified one hundred percent. Reported by the Times of India page, although you sweat a lot, does not mean the fat in the body is reduced a lot too.

Sweat is the body’s natural mechanism to cool itself because when exercising generally the body will rise in temperature due to muscle work activity. Well, to restore the temperature back to normal, then out the water from the surface of the skin pores, called sweat.

No wonder, for people who diligently exercise regularly and eat nutritious food then the body will be easier to sweat as a sign of a good metabolism.

Exercise and sweat not always mean that the body fat is melting or decreasing. However, there is burning of calories, which can be taken from the existing fat reserves to generate energy.

Fat is taken for burning calories as a source of energy, that’s what causes weight loss. So it is not because the fat is melted due to sweat and hot temperature from the spa or sports.

Some locations in the body prone to fat accumulation such as under the skin, subcutaneous, visceral that is in the body cavities, intramuscular that is in the muscle.


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