Benefits of Olive Oil for Health, Can Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells

benefits olive oil cancer cells

Olive is a fruit that has many benefits for human health. The blessed fruit is widely used in the Middle East region as a food processing ingredient and mixed in a variety of snacks.

Research has revealed many benefits of olive oil in maintaining human health. One of them inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

One recent study conducted by scientist Paul Breslin, from Rutgers University in the United States. The results of his studies have even been published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Oncology.

He explained that in olive oil there is a substance called oleocanthal. This substance can work break down the nucleus of cancer cells called lysosomes, then remove a kind of protein that is deadly for cancer cells.

Scientists examine it by injecting olive oil into cancer cells, and it appears that within half an hour to an hour later cancer cells will look dead.

“Lysosomes are centers of cell recycling. When you open it and put olive oil, then you will destroy the cell defense,” said Paul Breslin as reported by Dailymail page.

To remember, oleocanthal substances are harmless to healthy cells. It only affects cancer cells only.

Because of that fact, scientists recommend replacing your cooking oil or vegetable oil with olive oil. Generally, olive oil is not used for frying food because it can damage the substance benefits.

You can directly add to salads, vegetables or a variety of your food without cooking first. May be useful.


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