Immediately Drink Milk When Experiencing Signs of Poisoning

drink milk when poisoning

Poisoning can happen to anyone, anytime, without any preparation first. Either the result of eating wrong, taking drugs that have expired, or accidentally consume harmful chemicals. If there is poisoning, immediately drink milk in large quantities so that the toxic effects do not deteriorate.

Why should milk? Is it true that milk can be an antidote? Then what kind of milk should be consumed?

In the explanation related to this matter, Dr. Ariani Dewi Widodo, SpA (K) said that drinking milk can indeed be a first aid action to someone who has been poisoned.

“Milk does not specifically neutralize toxins. Milk could be a dilution effect. So once the poison comes in, given a large body water,” said Ariani as reported by page.

Drinking milk in large quantities makes the toxic conditions in the digestive to dilute. Thus like rinsing digestion with water.

There is also a lactose content in milk that triggers acceleration of defecation and urination. Moreover, generally a person’s digestion has limits on lactose intake. If too many will experience diarrhea. It’s good to get rid of toxins in the digestive tract, through bowel movements.

Then why not overcome by drinking water? Water will indeed dilute toxins as well, but there is no lactose effect that speeds up bowel movements and toxic disposal.

“But, this is not a therapy recommendation, we can not say that drug for poisoning is milk. This is the benefit of milk that we can use to remove toxins,” she added.

The ideal of course after drinking a lot of milk, immediately take the patient to the doctor. The patient’s stomach contents will be sucked up so that toxins immediately wasted without being absorbed by the body.

Milk that good to consume is fresh milk or liquid milk. Do not choose sweetened condensed milk. May be useful.


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