Diseases That Can Be Avoided by Nursing Mothers and Their Babies

diseases nursing mothers babies

Providing breast milk is not only beneficial for the baby alone. The mothers also get the benefits of her role to breastfeed her child. In breast milk contains a variety of nutrients needed by the babies with the right levels. Therefore, babies who get exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months tend to have a healthy physique without the need for complementary food.

The benefits of breastfeeding for the baby is very diverse. Quoted from the CNN Indonesia page, babies who get breast milk continuously have the opportunity to avoid the risk of lower respiratory tract infection up to 72 percent. This infection can trigger bronchitis, bronchiolitis, to pneumonia. Babies will also be protected from gastrointestinal infections up to 64 percent, acute ear infections 50 percent, and atopic dermatitis 42 percent.

In addition, breast milk contributes to reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome from 36-50 percent. This syndrome is very dangerous because the baby can experience sudden death. Generally, the syndrome is experienced by babies under the age of one year.

For nursing mothers, there are many diseases that risk is also decreased. For example, the risk of breast cancer will decrease from 28 to 50 percent. The risk of coronary heart disease decreased by 37 percent, ovarian cancer 21 percent, and diabetes mellitus 4.12 percent.

The many benefits of breastfeeding can not be replaced by giving milk formula to babies. Although baby milk products claimed to have been enriched with essential nutrients, the greatness of breast milk is still far superior. In addition, there is a psychological good for mothers and children during the breastfeeding process.


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