How Long Can the Human Body Survive to Work Without Sleep?

survive work without sleep

The case of medical workers who died from exhaustion while on duty for four days in a row, making a lot of people ask, how long actually the human body can survive without sleep.

The normal human body should not be awake without rest for more than 24 hours. But many cases require workers to keep working even up to 36 hours with minimal rest periods.

“Better indeed there should be a substitute, because do not let people do not sleep more than 24 hours. However, if in the medical field, the average ability to work is 36 hours,” explained psychiatric specialist from Psychosomatic Clinic Omni Hospital, Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Andri as quoted from page

The condition is certainly not ideal and avoided as much as possible except in times of emergency. Moreover, if you already feel sleepy and tired, can not resist sleep anymore then it is highly recommended to sleep.

Sleep is the most important and healthful tired medicine, compared to drinking energized drinks or supplements and coffee.

If the time to rest is very little, sleeping for 15-30 minutes on the sidelines when working is actually able to meet the standards to keep the body healthy.

If you do not sleep at all for more than 36 hours, humans may experience hallucinations. You will feel seeing something that in fact does not exist. Concentration drops drastically, and you will not be able to work optimally.


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