Eat Eggs Safe for Heart Health, This is the Reason

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Eggs often become scapegoats when associating it with heart health. Eggs are considered to raise bad cholesterol (LDL), thus increasing the risk of heart disease. But it needs to be understood, bad cholesterol levels in eggs are actually quite small.

Quoted from the Okezone page, the egg does contain cholesterol. But according to Lauren McGuckin, an Applied Dietitian and Spokesperson from the Australian Dietist Association, the effect on blood is insignificant. The effects of bad cholesterol are small enough that it is still fairly safe to be consumed in a reasonable portion.

In addition, in the eggs are not found saturated fat or trans fat that triggers the rise in cholesterol levels. Saturated fats can be found in other foods such as chocolate, chips, biscuits, and cakes. In natural foods such as meat and dairy products also found saturated fat.

If you want to pay attention to your cholesterol intake, McGuckin recommends the amount of saturated and trans fats from the food consumed. The more foods with this type of fat get into the body, the higher the bad cholesterol levels. As a counterweight can be consumed natural foods rich in good cholesterol (HDL).

Some foods with healthy sources of fat are nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, and so on. Good cholesterol can suppress the increase of bad cholesterol. That way, bad cholesterol levels can be at the normal threshold.


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