Napercise, Take a Nap While Exercising Yoga

napercise take a nap yoga

When asked about the most comfortable sports, maybe napercise is the answer. This is a new type of sports activity that is on the rise. In napercise, conducted napping activity that is believed to be able to make a person get the maximum body freshness both in the physical and mind.

Quoted from the Republika page, napercise is intended for people who experience fatigue. According to information from the fitness center in London, David Lloyd Clubs, napercise is only done for 45 minutes. Those who will do napercise will be asked to take a nap while burning calories in their body. The temperature of the place to sleep is made rather cold so we can sleep quietly.

The thing that distinguishes with ordinary sleep is its position. In people who do napercise, they are in a position like yoga. With that style, the chest and triceps become stronger. Napping with napercise can refresh your body and mind while benefiting from a yoga position.

“Filling a gym with a bed does look unusual, but if it works we will apply a similar program to all our branches,” said spokesman David Lloyd Clubs.

The merger of a nap with this yoga style gets its inspiration from a study. In the study said that napping could reduce stress levels, anxiety, and improve mood. Meanwhile at the Zuu fitness center in England, applied other movements such as donkey kicks, frogs, and crawls.


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