4 Side Effects of Drinking Water Immediately After Eating

drinking water after eating

Wrong if the habit of people after eating is drinking water in large quantities. Drinking in excess amounts like this is actually quite a risk to health. Drinking water should be done some time before eating the main meal, and not excessive drinking after eating.

Quoted from the Republika page, in the digestive system, naturally, the stomach secretes gastrointestinal fluids. This fluid helps smooth the process of digesting. However, when a lot of water enters the stomach after eating, the function of this fluid will be disrupted in damaging food particles.

Here are some things that can happen if you drink lots of water after eating =

  1. Distended stomach.
    Water that enters the stomach after eating will trigger excessive gas and take place in a fast time. As a result, the stomach becomes bloated and uncomfortable.
  2. Digestive problems.
    Excess water will make the digested food more difficult to pass through the colon. The effect is increasing the risk of constipation, gas, and so on.
  3. Blood sugar increases.
    Food that is not perfectly digested due to the influence of this water is the increase in blood sugar levels. The spike in blood sugar lasts quite rapidly along with undigested foods.
  4. Excess gastric acid.
    Drinking water after meals makes the stomach acid diluted. This triggers an increase in stomach acid. It is feared later could trigger acid reflux.

The ideal time to drink is at least half an hour before eating. If you want to drink after a meal, do it half an hour later. Habits like this make the process of digestion of food takes place more effectively.


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