Types of Activities That Can Be Done by Sufferers of Heart Rhythm Disorders

types of activities heart rhythm

Having health problems with the heart can not be underestimated. Especially related to lifestyle, patients must obey the rules, so the risk of heart attack can be avoided. One of the heart problems is arrhythmia, the presence of abnormalities in heart rhythm.

Patients with arrhythmia have limitations in physical activity. They should not do work that is physically too heavy. But they still have to move for their health, such as exercising. In choosing the type of sport, it needs to get attention.

“Cycling, jogging, swimming. A sport that is competitive is less recommended,” said Dr. Dicky Armein Hanafy, a heart specialist sub arrhythmia specialist at Heart and Blood Vessel, Harapan Kita Hospital, as quoted from the page Republika.

And, people with arrhythmia still allowed to perform various physical activities. The limit lies in the level of light-weight of the activity. Patients should be aware of their physical abilities, if they start to feel tired, they should rest. According to Prof. Yoga Yuniadi as a cardiologist, all patient activities should be moderate.

“Basically can do any physical activity. But it must be seen first the type of arrhythmia suffered. At least do moderate physical activity,” said Prof. Yoga.

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