Heart Often Pounding Without Cause, Beware Arrhythmia Symptoms

heart pounding arrhythmia symptoms

The heart is pounding without cause you need to look more carefully what the trigger. Normal heartbeat will not suddenly change rhythm, for no reason whatsoever. There is a symptom of a disease that must be aware of, namely arrhythmia, which one of the signs is the condition of the heart rhythm that changed suddenly.

Arrhythmia is not trivial because the risk of causing death to the sufferer. More horrified again because the death is generally a sudden death.

As information, the arrhythmia is a rhythm that is not derived from the sinoatrial node (SA) or irregular rhythms.

For example, the heartbeat becomes too weak, so the frequency is less than 60 times/minute (sinus bradycardia).

It could also be the condition of the heartbeat changed to more quickly up to 100 times/minute (sinus tachycardia).

If you or your family is experiencing this, contact your doctor immediately for further medical attention.

In his explanation, Professor of Arrhythmia at Heart and Blood Veterinary Harapan Kita Jakarta Hospital, Prof. Dr. dr. Yoga Yuniadi, SpJP (K) said that after the change of rhythm beat, then the patient often experience fainting, dizziness, stroke, even death.

“If the patient complains about the heart beating too fast or too slow, or too strong until there is a pause and make chest pain, medical treatment should be done immediately,” he said as quoted by okezone.com page.

Not every heartbeat change is a sign of arrhythmia. It can also be a symptom of another disease, which is important is a quick action immediately take the patient to the hospital or doctor.


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