Alert to Anemia, Knowing the Amount of Wasted Blood During Menstruation

anemia wasted blood menstruation

The monthly menstrual cycle experienced by women sometimes causes her to develop anemia or lack of blood. Not only that, but there are also drastic mood changes, cramps or abdominal pain is also a routine thing that must be passed.

According to Dr. Prapti Utami, M. Si, a Medicinal Herbal Practitioner, changes that occur in the body of women every month is strongly influenced by reproductive hormones released by the body.

“This also results in a state where the physical condition of women will experience problems such as cramps and abdominal pain caused by uterine muscle contractions,” said Dr. Prapti as reported by page.

During menstruation, generally, 10 to 80 ml of blood will be wasted, or an average of 35 ml. No wonder if during menstruation many women who complain of dizziness and anemia. Not infrequently there are also unconscious because of other problems that accompany it.

To overcome these monthly problems, she advised women to be diligent in eating nutritious foods and vitamins and blood booster, so that anemia does not happen long and can be overcome.

For example is to consume green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and mustard greens. It is a type of vegetable that contains lots of iron that helps speed up the formation of red blood cells.

Thus, the problem of abdominal cramps, mood changes, and also weakness and dizziness due to anemia can be resolved immediately. May be useful.


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