4 Human Organs That Can Be Donated

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In India, there is a special day commemorated as Organ Donor Day on August 13th. The background to commemorate the day is to arouse people’s awareness of the importance of donating organs to the needy.

Reported by the Boldsky page, Monday (14/8), donating organs can save a person’s life from death. Here are some of the most vital human organs donated so far =

  1. Skin.
    People who can donate their skin only people who have died. Usually known as skin transplant or skin grafts. A maximum of 6 hours after death, the skin should be transplanted.
  2. Heart.
    The heart can only be donated by someone who has died. Donor recipients are usually patients with heart failure or people with congenital heart defects.
  3. Kidney.
    Unlike heart donors, kidney donors do not have to be people who have died. This is because the number of kidneys in the human body there are two.
  4. Corneas.
    These organs can be donated by anyone, except those who suffer from dangerous infectious diseases. With a corneal donor, someone can be helped in getting their eyesight again. If given by a deceased person, then the maximum time is 24 hours after death.

Donating organs is a very noble act, and not everyone can do it. What it does can save the lives of others and change one’s life.

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